POWER on Standby

Dependable emergency power generation is critical in the efficient operation of local utilities. Player and Company has provided standby power installations in many areas of urban infrastructures, including water supply and wastewater reclamation.

Wastewater / Reclamation

The standby power plant in the top photo provides emergency power, peak sharing and load management capability for a reclamation facility that treats 20 million gallons of wastewater daily. The design is based on four 1.5-megawatt diesel power generators rated at 5 KV. Player has provided three of Atlanta’s raw water pumping stations with 2-megawatt standby units. Each of the stations handles 25 million gallons of water each day.


Liquified Natural Gas Plant

Player and Company performed construction of all facilities identified as offsite at a Georgia LNG plant, which handles peak shaving for metropolitan Atlanta. These offsite facilities consisted of all underground incoming and sendout distribution mains. Installation included several metering and pressure regulating stations and instrumentation. Player’s project included the installation of:
  • Turbine-driven booster compressors
  • Waste heat boilers
  • Heat exchangers
  • An absorption chiller with attendant pumps and cooling tower

LNG Installations

Liquefied Natural Gas Peak Shaving Facility with 25 million gallon storage, 10,000 MCF per day liquefaction and 480,000 MCF per day vaporization. Player and Company performed design and installation services on the original installation and continues to perform upgrades and additions for mechanical, electrical, and general construction. Industrial process piping installation performed by Player and Company. All welds were x-rayed in accordance with ASME requirements. Player also performed the electrical portion of the installation.