As prime contractor for expansion of internationally known liquid detergent producer, Player and Company deployed a multi-craft work force including mechanical, electrical, civil and millwright personnel. One of the major challenges of the project was to keep the facility fully operational during the extensive modifications, which were involved. Years earlier, Player and Company had served as prime contractor for the original plant, which was constructed on a design/build basis.

Modifications in the plant expansion included not only process changes but control systems, product handling, safety and environmental aspects of the operation.

Among the more significant facets of this assignment were:

  • Installations of thousands of feet of piping including process, product, steam and condensate, air, CIP, DI, and domestic water piping. Construction materials included stainless steel, Sch 80 CPVC and PVC, copper and carbon steel.
  • Installation of new blenders, agitators, pumps, steam generators, air compressors, 40 ton chiller, reverse osmosis system, CIP system, vent scrubber system, homogenizer and tanks.
  • Relocation of existing bulk raw material storage tanks, setting new tanks and installation of temporary piping system to keep plant operating at capacity.
  • Installation of new switch gear, VFDs, modification of electrical service to and inside the plant.
  • Expansion and modification of existing waste water reclamation system.
  • Building modifications to accommodate new loading and unloading systems.
  • Relocation of existing packaging system and the addition of new packaging equipment.
  • Clorox Skid 2
  • Clorox Skid 3
  • Clorox Skid
  • Clorox Tank Farm