Player and Company has constructed and installed the prime power system for a new 1300 room hotel near Montego Bay, Jamaica. The plant was needed because Jamaica’s power company could not provide adequate power to meet the demands of the new resort.

The system consists of three 1.25-megawatt generators and one 1.85-megawatt back-up generator for use in a storm catastrophe or other emergency. A storage capacity for 90,000 gallons of diesel fuel will keep the plant operating for 20 days. The generators are set on spring isolators with the muffler and exhaust piping routed to the building exterior.

Each generator has:
  • 150-gallon day tank
  • Fuel cooler
  • Exhaust fan
  • Remote radiator
  • Heat cover system that provides heated water to the hotel

Player Power Water On Standby

One of Metro Atlanta’s most advanced raw water treatment plants was being expanded from its current 90 million gallons of water a day (MGD) to 135 MGD.

As part of this plant modernization and expansion, a 12 megawatt emergency standby system was added to the site. Player and Company provided the design, construction and installation services including civil, mechanical, electrical, fire protection and finish painting for this powerful installation.

Fueled by natural gas, the system, housed in a specifically designed building adjacent to the water plant’s electrical transformer field, will go online automatically with the disruption of electrical power. Its emergency electrical energy will be supplied by six 3000HP engines each driving a 2055 kw electric generator. The system will produce over 12,000 volts of electricity.

This standby power system is one of a number of similar installations built by Player and Company to serve water supply and reclamation facilities in the country’s ever-growing urban infrastructure.